BCC411青少年2019年7月以色列之旅见证 — Jamee


      Israel, the Holy Land. The Houston group was the first to land at the airport.
      We didn’t have a ride to the hotel, so we decided to wait. As we were waiting I began feel the Holy Spirt presence was like no other place. We started praying and straight away I got goose bumps, and I knew God was listening.
      The next day we went to the Shepherd’s field where we sang and Pastor Dong had a message prepared. As soon as she gave the message, the wind began to blow. The wind was very strong and cooling, we knew it was not natural but it was God who sent the wind to us. As the wind blew something touched me and I started crying. It wasn’t me crying but something at the moment just made me cry. That night at the end of our conference Pastor Dong told us to repent. So I decided to go up and keeled down. I started repenting and crying. As time went on my crying got even louder, when Pastor Dong came I cried so loud and I couldn’t really control my crying.
      The next morning I woke up and had red little dots and around my eyes and on my eye lids. I had it before and thought maybe some bacteria went in my eye or something. But this time I found out that it was a type of cleansing. That day we went to the Western Wall. I spent a good amount of time prayer there myself. It was almost time to leave when my family decided to pray together. My Mom finished prayer and it was my turn to prayer I was at the end of my prayer when I felt something hit my head. My first thoughts were oh no! the bird pooped on my head. As I looked down I realized it was an egg. I look up and a pigeon’s egg and just landed on me. I didn’t really know what to think at first but an egg represents a new life.
      That night a person named Stephen came and played the piano for us. That night I felt God’s presence the most. I looked up and saw the heaven open up. The hole was much bigger than before and a huge ray of light came down towards earth. The ray was very light very thick and strong. We went to the border of Syria and Israel and looking over the Syria land my heart just dropped when I heard that many Christian cannot openly practice their religion, and it just broke my heart, and showed me how lucky I am.
      We visited Mount Carmel. When we were walking up the stairs almost to the top I smelled roses but thought it was just someone’s perfume. I really didn’t think much of it until we got up and the odor was very strong and Pastor Dong said God is here. I knew God was sending this odor to show His presence. After a while we smelled lilies.
      The next stop was the Israeli Independence Museum. As we finished, we went out it started drizzling and then snowflakes started falling from the sky and then there was a ray of light straight down. When you look up there was no clouds to be seen. Many people might ask how is it snowing the mid July in Israel but it’s really God presence and only He can do it.
      After this trip it really showed me what God can do and God presence is really in Israel and we really need to pray for the country. I really recommend people that haven’t got the chance to go, to save your money and really go and expensive God don’t only go like a tourist.